30 Before 30

The List:
  1. Go to Mackinac Island and buy fudge
  2. Camp in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore
  3. See the Northern Lights
  4. Take a real vacation with him to somewhere relaxing, warm and all inclusive
  5. Try snowboarding
  6. Do 100 push ups
  7. Make Macarons
  8. Plant and harvest a garden
  9. Learn the waltz
  10. Give at least one speech at Toastmasters
  11. Host a low country boil for all our friends
  12. Catch a real sized fish, clean it, cook it and eat it
  13. Read 10 classic books...so many to choose from!
  14. Start contributing to my Roth again
  15. Spend more quality time with my nieces and nephew
  16. Take music lessons for a year, either violin or piano (neither of which I own)
  17. Consistently volunteer for the same organization
  18. Find a church that is congruent with my beliefs and become a part of their community
  19. Get a job that I love and be my best at it
  20. Do one of the city scavenger hunts like Urban Dare
  21. Golf 18 holes without complaining with him, Kim and Joey
  22. Stop paying rent and own my own place! 
  23. Thank people more often. (A customer sent me the sweetest thank you at the store and I realize people don't do it enough!)
  24. See a meteor shower
  25. Become a stronger writer (professionally and grammatically)
  26. House boat on Lake Powell, or somewhere else, with friends/family
  27. Plan and execute a winter picnic