Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random Recaps

Quick thoughts organized by ASCA's domains: 

  • I finished out the quarter strong. I decided to take the extra class so I can sit for my license some day if I so choose. The class had a lot of potential, but fell incredibly short. I try to search for the learning in the experience, but mostly I just feel like I didn't get my money's worth.
  • I applied for degree conferral and am almost done with my 3 year grad program. How has it been 3 years? It has gone so quickly. At the same time, when I try to think back to life in California it seems so long ago. Time is a funny thing.

  • It has been almost one year since I was on the way to Michigan for my fiance's family holiday party and got the call about my mom's liver failure. My initial thought was, "I'm not ready". Turns out, it doesn't matter if you're ready or not, life doesn't care. Life is funny that way.
  • We're in the thick of wedding planning. I have been neglecting the blog and using all my spare time working on the wedding website: We're going to do online RSVP. I'm sure that will go over well with the 65+ crowd! 
  • I've updated my resume in preparation of starting the job search/fair circuit in January. The next few weeks of break will be filled with creating an awesome cover letter, researching potential schools, and getting in touch with friends and contacts. 
  • I think that we will see more teachers and counselors retiring this year with contracts being negotiated. I know teachers who retired last year in anticipation of the changes. They could have worked a few more years, but decided to get out. This may be good for new professional school counselors trying to break into the field. Unions are a funny thing. 
How many times did I use "funny"? I'm certain I could have used more appropriate words, but it's late, and right now all these things seem funny. Funny strange, funny interesting, funny ironic, funny, funny, funny.

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